Nissi Wood Wedding Invitations

Kaloor, Ernakulam
Nissi Wood Wedding Invitations

Nissiwood wood wedding invitations are carefully crafted for the once in a life time occasion and to convey the joy, happiness and expectancy of the event. Wood wedding invites combined with wooden envelopes, reply cards, place cards, menu cards and thank you cards form the complete set of the wedding theme. Real wood species of 15 different types are offered from Nissiwood to make wood wedding invitations. Wood wedding invitations once delivered in a wooden envelopes shows the richness and specialty that is always remembered by the recipient. Normal screen printed cards on standard species form the bulk of the orders though we offer laser engraved cards and multicolor options. We offer digital printed wood wedding invitations also. White color prints are possible by Nissiwood. Folded wood wedding invitations as well as die cut shaped cards are also offered. Folds are made by creasing and in some cases a crease cut is provided. Wherever stone embedding required as per design also can be provided. Wood wedding invitations are dispatched in 10 days and DHL would take another 5 days to world destinations once the printable artwork and payment are in order.

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  • Nissiwood Uses 60% Of Its Energy From Solar Power
  • We Provied Biodegradable Products
  • Nissiwood Products Are More Eco-friendly That Paper
  • Our Passion For Experimenting With Wood Led Us To Become One Of The Very Few Manufacturers Of Microthin Printable Wood Veneers In The World.
Nissi Wood Wedding Invitations
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Freequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types Of Printing Suitable For Nissiwood?

Screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving and cutting and foil embossing are all effective and possible.

Does Each Wood Card Look The Same?

Since wood is a natural substance, and not manmade, every card from even the same timber would look different, hence adds to the aesthetics. That is the beauty of working with wood. 2 cards from the same tree will still have slight variances. Slight variance creates anesthetically brilliant finished product.

What Are The Different Types Of Nissiwood Materials You Manufacture?

We manufacture 400 and 600 microns stickers (plain on one side so they are printable with permanent as well as removable adhesive backing), 250 and 450 microns paperbacked 1 side wood (extremely thin wood that can only be printed on one side), 350/ 450 microns 2 side wood (perfect for digital printers), 600 microns 2 side wood (great for screen and engraving) and 800 microns and 1600 microns (great for screen printing, laser cutting and etching or other applications that need a thicker wood). In flexi series, we make 600, 900 and 1200 microns sheets for box making.

How Does Nissiwood Differ From Paper?

Nissiwood sheets and cards are made from real wood and as you can see the wood and feel the wood it has a totally different feel to paper. It is still soft to touch and won’t give you splinters. Further to that it is much better for the environment as discussed in FAQ 9